The workshop “Medena” with twenty-year experience is the family Djuric's property, located in Mehovine close to the town of Sabac (60km southwest from Belgrade). The founder, Zoran Djuric, on graduation from university, Faculty of Agriculture in Zemun, choose to be a beekeeper, to be engaged in the production and sale of beekeeping equipment.

SZTR "Medena" has own workshop for producing any kind of beehive frames, with capacity up to two thousands of frames a day and a great experience acquired by producing several millions of frames. Contemporary beekeepers solutions, dry material, precise workmanship, exaptional quality within agreed time limits, have alway's been our permanent recommendation. Favorable prices. For bee-colonies and shops special agreements possible. Having the frames of "Medena" makes comfortable and successful beekeeping.

In addition to frames and hives all other equipment necessary for beekeepers is offered. Beehives yard having about 200 LR hives enables offers with qualitative bee-queens and swarms, as well as honey.

Call us, we will help you to succeed!

All kinds of beehives, standard ones and the ones as per agreement, of exact measures, precise workmanship in qualitative material, within the agreed time limit.

All kinds of frames, exceptional quality, within agreed time limits. Up to 2000 frames a day.

Besides producing selected queen—bees we have possibility to form up to 200 beehives.

Beekeepers tools and equipment.

Food and medicines for honeybees.

SZTR "Medena", Republic of Serbia, 15225 Vladimirci, Mehovine, Valjevski put b.b.
phone: +381-15-518-532, fax: +381-15-518-208, mobile: +381-63-89-50-610